Untraceability Guarantee

Thanks to a powerful multi layers mixing method, including coinjoin, crypto-loans, cross-chain swaps, verified accounts on main exchanges, and more... The Mixer guarantees full Untraceability of the mixed USDT to all users.

Users are fully protected against Blockchain Analysis!

Receive Legit USDT

Thanks to Smart-Contracts, the Tether (USDT) Mixer is able to automatically gather hundreds of thousands of legit Tethers USDT, coming from investor's wallets and crypto exchanges.

Those are the legit and anonymous USDT that you will be forwarded with!

Tether USDT Mixer

Welcome to the easiest and safest self-service and self-powered Tether (USDT) Mixer on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This app is fully automated and does NOT require any user account, nor KYC.

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Mixing is Entirely and Solely performed by the power of Smart Contracts.


Our powerful Mixing process guarantees to foil any blockchain analysis.

TOR Friendly

This Anonymous Tether Mixer can be accessed through secure TOR Browser.

No Log Stored

All details regarding your transaction are deleted right after mixing.

Dear User

  • Never used a Crypto Mixer before? Please read our FAQ prior mixing.
  • Mixing Fees: 3% + 2 (USDT) Transactions' Costs .
  • Minimum Deposit: 50.00 USDT.
  • Maximum Deposit: 500,000.00 USDT.
*That's where you will receive your Untraceable USDT.
*Delay to wait after Deposit before Forwarding your Untraceable USDT.
*We do not check...

3 Steps Process

Set-Up the Mixer

Let the mixer know where you want to receive your Untraceable Tether (USDT), choose a forwarding delay and click "START".

Deposit your USDT(Erc20)

The mixer will create and monitor a new mixing wallet for you to deposit your USDT.

Receive Untraceable USDT

For every USDT you deposit on that mixing wallet, Untraceable USDT will be forwarded to your address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a USDT mixer?

  • A Tether (USDT) mixer (also known as USDT Tumbler, USDT Obfuscator or USDT Anonymizer) is a service designed to allow users to make an Anonymous and Untraceable USDT Transaction over the Ethereum Blockchain
  • It obfuscates the origin/destination of the USDT and avoid any link between the sending and the receiving wallet.

Why should I use a mixer?

  • The blockchain is public, and because of Blockchain-analysis, it becomes quite easy for (Individuals, Co., Govt., ...) to reveal the true identity hidden behind a wallet's address and see what you are holding and how you spend your money.
  • Mixing your USDT is essential for privacy concerns, should you want to hold/spend your funds anonymously like you would with cash.
  • Some examples where Anonymity is Crucial:
    • To protect yourself from present abusive taxes institutions.
    • To avoid being stalked.
    • To prevent hackers from targeting your wallet.

Who might know my identity?

Non-exhaustive list of examples:

  • Friends or Acquaintances: Have you ever send or receive cryptocurrencies from an acquaintance?...
  • Exchanges and Governments: You bought your Tether (USDT) on an exchange? This exchange might have asked for your ID, but it definitely saved your IP Address (linked to your identity) that they are forced to share with Governments.
  • Merchants: If you ever use your wallet/funds to pay directly for a Non-Anonymous service.
  • Hackers: More than half of all computers have experienced a cybercrime (source).

How much does Mixing costs?

  • Fixed fees: 3% (cost of the whole mixing process)
  • Variable Fees: 2 times the Cost of a USDT Transaction (Collect and Forward your USDT).
  • Please refer to GasTracker to see transactions' costs.
  • For instance: Should you Mix 100 USDT with a USDT Transaction Cost of 1.5$, you'll get: 100-3%-(2x1.5$)= 94 USDT.

What is my Forwarding Address?

The Forwarding Address is the wallet where the USDT Mixer will send your untraceable USDT.

What is the Forwarding delay?

In order to prevent blockchain analysis, after your Deposit the Tether Mixer will wait for that Forwarding Delay before sending your untraceable USDT, this delay gives time to the blockchain to process multiple transactions between yours.

What is Blockchain Analysis?

Blockchain Analysis is the process of analyzing the whole blockchain in order to gather information, allowing to identify users behind a transaction. However, nothing to fear here, our Mixer is fully protected against it!

You accidentally exited the mixer?

  • No worries! If your section hasn't expired yet (24hours), you can Resume your Mixing Session using your "Session ID". You didn't save your Session ID? Not a problem! Every deposit made to the Mixer will automatically be processed, and the Untraceable USDT will be forwarded to your Forwarding Wallet.
  • Should you want to mix more Tethers (USDT), create a new Mixing Session.

Do you require KYC?

  • We DO NOT require KYC! The Mixer is hosted in the Cayman Islands, a country that does not cooperate with the Financial Actions Task Force (FATF) and do not require KYC.
  • This USDT Mixer is fully automatic and does not ask users for anything.

Do you keep Logs?

No we don't! We neither collect nor store any information regarding visitors.

What is the Letter Of Guarantee?

The Letter of Guarantee that you can download when mixing is a signed commitment bonding us to provide Anonymous USDT to your Forwarding Address for every Deposit you make to the Mixing Wallet.

You have another question?

Feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Contact us

For any questions, problems or comments regarding our USDT Mixing service, our support team is here to help. We aim to respond and resolve all questions within 24 hours, but before contacting us, feel free to check our FAQ.
* We only need it to reply to your message.
* Should you contact us regarding a Mixing Session, please provide your Session ID.

Resume a Mixing Session

* You can recover a Mixing Session using the Session ID given to you by the Mixer while Mixing your USDT.

You don't have it?

Keep cool, every deposit that you already made before the Session Expiration (24hrs) will automatically be processed by the USDT Mixer and your Untraceable USDT will be forwarded to your Address.

If you haven't made any deposit yet or wish to make mix more USDT: Create a new mixing session and go ahead.

Mixer Config
  • Session ID:
    • Write it down to resume your session if something happens.
  • Expire in:
  • Forwarding Address:
  • Forwarding Delay:
  • Fees: 3% + 2×(USDT Transaction Cost)
Deposit address

Deposit Address:

  • Minimum Deposit: 50.00 USDT
  • Maximum Deposit: 500,000.00 USDT

Send the USDT that you want to anonymize to this Deposit Address using the Ethereum blockchain(Erc20).
Your transaction will automatically appear below under "Incoming Transactions".
Once your deposit transaction(s) confirmed, the mixer will send anonymous USDT to your chosen "Forwarding address", those transactions will be shown under "Outgoing Transactions".

Incoming Transactions
Waiting for your Deposit(s)
Outgoing Transactions

* Once your anonymous Tether (USDT) received, and if you don't wish to mix more USDT, we advice you to delete This Session, this will erease all the information related to this session. Sessions are automatically destroyed after 24 hours.

Do not send any coins to this wallet after deletion!

Session Not Found

This Mixing Session ID can't be found in the system, it can happen for few different reasons:

  • You entered a wrong Session ID.
  • You manually deleted this Mixing Session.
  • The mixing session automatically expired after 24Hrs.

If you forgot your Session ID, don't panic, every USDT sent to that mixing session before expiration will be automatically mixed and forwarded to you.

If you wish to mix more USDT, we invite you to create a new mixing session.